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MPC’s Photoreal 3D Jaguars Steal the Spotlight for “A Breed Apart” Luxury Vehicle Campaign

Sleek and agile felines designed and animated by MPC take center stage for Jaguar “A Breed Apart,” an integrated marketing campaign by agency Spark44. MPC was enlisted to create photoreal 3D jaguars that represent the style and sophistication of the luxury car brand in three commercial spots, starring Bond girl Eva Green and Danish actor Thure Lindhardt, and directed by Chris Palmer of Gorgeous.

Images courtesy of MPC

To perfect photoreal jaguar animation and rigging, MPC’s advertising team consulted with their partner film division, whose creature design and effects have been recognized with Academy Awards for “The Jungle Book” (2016) and “Life of Pi” (2012). Additional research, meetings with wildlife specialists and visits to big cat sanctuaries in the US and UK provided reference materials for capturing the sleek characteristics and movements of jaguars on the prowl.

“One of the most challenging aspects of production was animating the jaguar’s shoulders as it walks,” noted Carsten Keller, Creative Director, CG, MPC, “On each stride, the skin and muscles slide and twitch, and because of the jaguar’s naturally short fur coat, any technical issues become immediately evident. Without a bushy layer of fur, there’s no room to hide, so we had to ensure the jaguar’s movements were flawless.”

         "Arnold enables us to iterate more and constantly improve quality, rather than sit around while waiting for results."

The photoreal fur coat was created with MPC’s proprietary Furtility engine, with fur procedurals integrated directly into Arnold because of the tool’s ability to render high volume geometry and curves. “Compared to other renderers, Arnold excels at look development and performs much faster than other engines,” noted Keller, “This is critical on high-quality character projects, as render times are still fairly high due to the complexity of fur. Arnold enables us to iterate more and constantly improve quality, rather than sit around while waiting for results.”

Additionally, MPC used Maya to build and animate the 3D jaguar, NUKE for character compositing and Flame for running the main edit and conforms, including clean up on the car sequences.

For more information on MPC, visit: https://www.moving-picture.com/