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Image courtesy of Dmytro Teslenko

We're excited to announce a new, easier way to buy Arnold.

Monthly, annual, and 3-year single-user subscriptions of Arnold are now available on the Autodesk e-store, simplifying the process of subscribing to, accessing, installing, and renewing Arnold. Moving the Arnold buying experience to the Autodesk e-store means you now get immediate access to your software when you subscribe, and no longer have to install and configure multi-user license servers when you only need a single seat.

Annual and 3-year single-user licenses are now also available from resellers, in addition to annual and 3-year multi-user licenses.

To help answer your questions about single-user licensing, we've compiled a list of top questions and answers below.

Arnold Single-User Questions & Answers

Updated: December 19, 2019

What are my subscription options?

There are several ways to subscribe to Arnold. If you are an individual artist or small studio rendering on a local network of workstations, your best option is to get a monthly, annual, or 3-year single-user subscription on the Autodesk e-store. Upon subscribing to Arnold on the e-store, you will be prompted to create an Autodesk Account where you can access your subscription.

If you are using Arnold on a render farm and require multi-user licenses, you can purchase annual and 3-year multi-user subscriptions from an authorized reseller.

Arnold is also available for pay-per-use on the following cloud rendering platforms: AWS Thinkbox Marketplace, Microsoft Azure, Zync Render on Google Cloud Platform, and Conductor Technologies.

What do you mean by "single-user"?

With a single-user subscription, it’s now possible to simply sign into your Autodesk Account to access and start using Arnold. Single-user subscriptions require the Autodesk license to be assigned to a single “named” user. Whereas multi-user access allows licenses to be shared across multiple workstations using a network license server, a single-user license can only be used by the named user. With single-user access, you need to connect to the Internet every 30 days and sign into the software so that Autodesk can verify that the subscription is still current as well as keep the software up-to-date. There is an in-product reminder 3 days prior to having to reconnect.

How do these changes affect access to Arnold with the Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection?

With the addition of single-user subscription, there are some changes to Arnold in the collection:

  • If you purchase a single-user collection subscription through the e-store, you now get a single-user Arnold license which you can download right away from your Autodesk Account. Note that this license shows up in your Autodesk Account as one license, but you can use it on 5 separate machines.
  • If you purchase a single-user collection subscription from a reseller, you now have the choice between receiving an Arnold single-user license (which shows up in your Autodesk Account as one license, but can be used on 5 separate machines, as described in the bullet point above) or a 5-pack of Arnold multi-user licenses. The option to get multi-user licenses in place of the single-user license is only available if you buy from a reseller and does not apply if you purchase online through the Autodesk e-store. You must choose between the single-user license or the 5-pack of multi-user licenses and cannot use both with your single-user subscription.
  • If you have a current single-user collection subscription purchased from a reseller, you may continue to use your multi-user licenses. At the end of your subscription term when you renew, you will have the option to get the multi-user licenses in place of the default single-user license. Note that this option for multi-user Arnold is only available through your reseller.
  • If you have a current multi-user collection subscription, you continue to get 5 multi-user licenses of Arnold which are embedded within the license file.

Can the single-user license I get with my single-user Media & Entertainment Collection be assigned to different users?

No. While you can use Arnold on up to 5 separate machines, you may only assign the single-user license to one “named” user. This user must be the same across all of the products included in the collection including Maya and 3ds Max. With a multi-user collection subscription, you may share all of the products in the collection across multiple workstations and users. For more information on Arnold access and usage, please see the special terms for Arnold in the Media & Entertainment collection.

How do these changes affect me if I use Arnold on a render farm?

If you are using Arnold on a render farm, multi-user licenses continue to be the best choice for you. Arnold single-user is best if you are an individual artist or small studio rendering on a local network of workstations.

Annual and 3-year multi-user licenses as well as 5, 25, and 100-packs are available from authorized Autodesk resellers. A 5-pack of multi-user Arnold licenses is also included with a multi-user subscription for the Media & Entertainment Collection and is an option with a single-user collection subscription purchased from a reseller.

Has the price of Arnold changed?

Single-user Arnold is available for $45 USD monthly, $360 USD annually, and $980 USD for a 3-year license. Visit your local e-store for pricing in other regions. The prices of annual and 3-year multi-user Arnold subscriptions have not changed.

Is single-user Arnold available globally?

Yes. Monthly, annual, and 3-year single-user subscriptions of Arnold are available on all standard Autodesk e-store sites: Canada, US, Brazil, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, UK, Australia, Singapore, Japan, and Korea. You can also purchase annual and 3-year single-user subscriptions from local resellers.

How do I install single-user Arnold?

After purchasing a subscription, you will receive an email with your Autodesk sign-in information. Using your Autodesk sign-in, you can download and install Arnold plugins for Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Houdini, and Katana from the Arnold Downloads page. You can also use this sign-in information to manage your subscription and access the Arnold SDK through your Autodesk Account.

Do the changes affect the way I use Arnold?

No. The changes do not impact functionality or user experience with Arnold. They do not affect compatibility or interoperability with any of the Arnold plugins.

Can I switch between multi-user and single-user subscription?

You may choose a different subscription option once the term of your current subscription plan expires. It is not possible to switch plans mid-term.

I currently have an Arnold pack. How will this change affect me?

This change does not impact you if you have a multi-user Arnold pack. 5, 25, and 100 packs remain available as annual and 3-year multi-user subscriptions and can be purchased through Autodesk resellers. For more information, read the Subscription Packs FAQ.

Can I access previous versions of Arnold with single-user subscription?

Yes. Single-user subscription does support previous versions of Arnold using RLM licensing. To request previous RLM version access, send a request to arnold.licensing@autodesk.com with the address of your computer and your Autodesk account sign-in information. For more information on previous version eligibility, visit the Autodesk Knowledge Network.

How do I sign up for a free 30-day Arnold trial?

The Arnold trial experience is not changing. You can sign up for a 30-day trial of Arnold on the free trial page on this site. At the end of your trial, you will be prompted to purchase a subscription of Arnold to continue rendering without a watermark. For more information, read about starting an Arnold trial on our documentation hub.

What do these changes mean for educational institutions?

There is no change to the educational offering of Arnold. Educational licenses of Arnold continue to be available at no cost for educational institutions. Qualified academic institutions and educators can visit Autodesk Education Portal for access to Arnold Educational Licenses. 

How do I get support for licensing-related questions?

Refer to our documentation hub and Autodesk Knowledge Network for information on licensing or log into your Autodesk Account to create a case in the Support Requests section.

Who should I contact with general Arnold sales questions?

For general sales questions, contact an Autodesk sales representative or local reseller

How do I get support for Arnold technical issues other than licensing?

The Arnold Answers hub is a technical Q&A forum with spaces for all Arnold plugins. Go here first to find answers to your Arnold questions. You can also contact Arnold support to open a support case. The Arnold documentation hub serves as a portal to Arnold learning resources including official user guides and tutorials.